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Sanjivani Health and Relief Committee ( SHRC) is a not-for-profit Organization registered as a Charitable Trust with registration no. E- 17400 (Ahmedabad) on Nov. 25, 2005 providing qualified health care services to poor people of villages around Ahmedabad in the districts of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Kheda at nominal cost at their doorstep.

Started by a team of 3 doctors and 8 workers in 2005, today,
  • SHRC has a team of 75+ medical personnel
  • more than 200+ Dedicated Volunteers
Unique feature of SHRC is to provide healthcare services to poor village people at their doorsteps. SHRC sends its team of doctors, para medical staff and volunteers in a mobile van to villages and provides general medical care, eye care, dental care, blood sugar testing, hypertension testing and ECG services and Mobile Pathology Laboratory.
Today, SHRC has-
  • 12 Mobile Medical Vans including
  • 01 Mobile Dental – Optometry Van
  • 01 High Tech Mobile Ophthalmic Van
  • 02 Mobile Telemedicine Vans with ECG Facility
  • Having Sanjivani Health Care Centre and SChool in Ahmedabad
  • Have Sanitary Napkin Project in Ahmedabad
  • Mobile Pathology Laboratory

Credentials of SHRC 

  • Was accredited for good governance by Credibility  Alliance.(
  • Beneficiary Partner Ameri Cares India.
  • Had been a Project Partner “Together on Diabetes” project of Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, USA from 2012-2016

Awards & Recognition

  • Certificate of Merit - Spirit of Humanity Awards - 2012 AmeriCares India
  • Glory of Gujarat - June 2012 by Indian Council of Social Welfare, Gujarat State
  • Dharti Ratna - 2011 by Ashirwad Education Trust-both by Worthy hands of H. H. Smt Kamala Benival- Governor of Gujarat.
  • Best Social Service Award by Ahmedabad Medical Association -2010
  • Felicitation by Spirit Of Humanity Award 2014 by Ameri Cares India recently as best NGO in India in field of Diabetes
  • Global Visionary Award, 2016.

Daily 6 mobile vans visit 9 villages in prescheduled manner with periodicity of 14 days covering 108 villages and provide qualified medical help including medicines to poor village people. In addition, 20 villages are covered by Sunday camps. Dental-optometry van provides complete dental care.

The mobile ophthalmic van is fully equipped with eye clinic setup with computerized diagnostic set up. It provides free eye check up and also provides spectacles at a nominal cost. Those detected with cataract are referred to central hospital for free surgery with IOL. In both these vans, people are tested for blood sugar and blood pressure and those having abnormal readings are guided for further treatment. Very surprisingly, we find that incidence of hypertension and diabetes even in village poor people is about 40 % and 20 % respectively varying from village to village.

The mobile tele-medicine van has facility of ECG. The ECG of the patient in the remote rural area is immediately reported to a specialist in Ahmedabad through internet. In about half an hour's time the feedback from the specialist is available and the patient is suitably guided.

Diabetes is termed as silent killer as during the initial phase it does not have noticeable symptoms and often by the time it is detected it can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, or nerves and may lead to severe complications. From our data of testing of about 10000 rural patients from Feb. 2012 to May 2012 it was very surprising to find that more than 20 % of this rural population had diabetes.

Hence we have started Project Diabetes with an objective to create mass awareness, prevention, early detection, and treatment of diabetes for this poor village population free of cost to the extent possible. If it is detected early and treated it can save them from severe complications.


Besides healthcare, SHRC has started (from July 2012) providing education services to poor people of Ahmedabad. Today it has 180 students studying in morning and evening batches and also operating school through Padmavati Education Trust.

Appeal for Donation
  • In India, qualified medical services are not available in small villages having population of 2000-5000, as Government Public Health Center is one in a population of 30000.
  • We provide free qualified medical services with our mobile medical vans at their doorstep.
  • Donate generously to help our effort and get get 50% exemption under 80 G, if your income is from business or profession.
  • We are registered under FCRA (1976) permitted to receive donations from foreign source.



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