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Health Care Scenario in Rural India
  • Rural population in India is 83 cr out of total population of 121 cr. (Census of India 2011) ( 1 cr = 10 Mn)
  • Rural Population of Gujarat is 3.46 Cr. out of total population of 6.03 cr.( census of India 2011)
  • According to National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Government of India, population health in India is characterized by
    • Low level of Public Spending
    • Poor quality of preventive care and poor health status
    • Inadequate level of public health provision

  • In India, Primary Health Centre is the cornerstone of rural health services- a first port of call to a qualified doctor of the public sector in rural areas for curative and preventive health care. A typical Primary Health Centre covers a population of 30,000 in plain areas
  • According to a report on Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS)Guidelines for Primary Health Centers Revised 2012 by Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India),PHCs are not spared from issues such as the inability to perform up to the expectation due to

    1. Non-availability of Doctors at PHCs
    2. Even if posted, Doctors do not stay at the PHC HQ
    3. Inadequate physical infrastructure and facilities
    4. Insufficient quantities of drugs
    5. Lack of accountability to the public and lack of community participation
    6. Lack of set standards for monitoring quality care etc.

  • This poor population when faced with health problem has no resources to go to a doctor and bear the cost of investigation and treatment at city based hospitals, often resulting in indulgence to superstitions, disbeliefs and faith healers.
  • Rural population lacks awareness of good hygiene, preventive health care and need for addiction-free living.

Thus, people residing in small villages having population of 2000 to 5000, have no access to a qualified doctor. Knowledge of preventive healthcare is almost absent.

Sanjivani Health and Relief Committee was formed in 2005 , specifically to bridge this gap of non-availability of preventive and curative heath care services in small villages of India by a qualified doctor. Located in Ahmedabad, it surveyed villages in the nearby districts and found many villages having population of 2000 to 5000 do not have any qualified health care services or even a pharmacist in vicinity of about 5-7kms. SHRC was formed with basic objective of creating healthcare seeking behavior to receive preventive and curative health care services and giving free medicines to people residing in these villages at their doorsteps.

Appeal for Donation
  • In India, qualified medical services are not available in small villages having population of 2000-5000, as Government Public Health Center is one in a population of 30000.
  • We provide free qualified medical services with our mobile medical vans at their doorstep.
  • Donate generously to help our effort and get get 50% exemption under 80 G. if your income is from business or profession.
  • We are registered under FCRA (1976) permitted to receive donations from foreign source.



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