Women empowerment Skill development courses

As we started Sanjivani Dialysis centre, we were in need of separate premises for skill development courses for girls. Fortunately, one donor family donated their house near our centre free of cost for use to established our courses. We renovated the entire building with their financial support and started RR Chandiramani sponsored Sanjivani Women Empowerment Centre at 3,Sundarvan Soc., B/h Jawaharnagar, Paldi, Ahmedabad-07. At present, 6thbatch of coaching classes are in progress. At the end of three months course, formal examination assessment is done and are issued certificates. We are happy to inform you all that nearly 40 to 50% girls have started earning and supporting their family financially by starting business activity. We started in February 2021 intermittently following COVID guidelines laid down by government time to time. courses like-

  • Beauty Parlour
  • Mehdi Designs
  • Divet Making
  • Tailoring
  • Basic Computer courses
  • Yog classes for ladies
  • Self defence training for girls ( Taekwondo-Korean Karate )

Around 170 to 180 women and girls are taking benefit of these activities at present. This project was handled successfully by our project Co ordinators -Smt. SmitabenThaker and Atulbhai Patel and monitored by Shri Dineshbhai Dhanadhara and Shri Kiranbhai Shah.