Health Care Scenario in Rural India

  • Rural population in India is 83 cr out of total population of 130 cr. (Census of India 2011) ( 1 cr = 10 Mn)
  • Rural Population of Gujarat is 3.70 Cr. out of total population of 6.27 cr.( census of India 2011)
  • According to National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Government of India, population health in India is characterized by
    • Low level of Public Spending
    • Poor quality of preventive care and poor health status
    • Inadequate level of public health provision
  • In India, Primary Health Centre(PHC) is the cornerstone of rural health services- a first port of call to a qualified doctor of the public sector in rural areas for curative and preventive health care. A typical Primary Health Centre covers a population of 30,000 in plain areas
  • This poor population when faced with health problem has no resources to go to a doctor and bear the cost of investigation and treatment at city based hospitals, often resulting in indulgence to superstitions, disbeliefs and faith healers.
  • Rural population lacks awareness of good hygiene, preventive health care and need for addiction-free living.

Thus, people residing in small villages having population of 2000 to 5000, have no access to a qualified doctor. Knowledge of preventive healthcare is almost absent.

Vision Statement

“To Create a Just Society without discrimination of gender, cast, creed, race or financial status of an individual by making and providing best of facility for Health Care at affordable rate, education with preservation of Indian culture at free of cost, empowering women through making them self independent at very low cost, developing skills in vocational profession at negligible cost and generate such kind hearted people team for achieving our goal to become best of organization in giving back to the society.”

Mission Statement

  • Healthcare
  • To provide best of Medical Facilities either through Mobile Clinic, Mobile Pathology Laboratory, Mobile ECG Van, Mobile Opthalmology diagnosis-treatment, Mobile Dental Centre or by establishing Permanent “Sanjivani” Health Care Centre to establish secondary referral Centre which includes all lines of medical diagnosis and treatment along with Generic Medical stores amongst cluster of villages for marginalized, underserved, disadvantaged counter part of society at affordable rate.
  • To carry out all activity for prevention of disease through creating awareness, providing at negligible cost preventive materials like sanatory Nepkin for Women, to help in keeping cleanlinesss, making preventive measures for preserving “Environment” in its natural condition like Solar Power Installation, Rain Water Harvesting System etc.
  • To create paramedical staff team with on Job training with creating culture of doing Job but to give to society.
  • To do all activity which helps in providing Medical facility to poorest section of society at very lowest of cost.
  • Education
  • To create and provide best of education facility for children at affordable fee or at no fee and making possible to help, guide, advice to complete education for deserving student to end and making them to earn independently.
  • To support other NGO or organizations for building school or boarding in very remote and tribal area of Gujarat and other states of India.
  • To impart best training to teachers and to create capacity building of Trained Teacher Staff.
  • To provide new and best technological help for E- learning to all deserving schools in remote villages and tribal areas of Gujarat.
  • To do all activity which helps in providing best of educations to poorest section of the society at affordable expenses.

Other Auxiliary Activity

All Auxiliary activity in relation to Health Care, Education and all other Object of Trust for Development of Community in India.